This wiki contains links and documentation for onsite sesync postdocs and staff. All research guides, discussion forum and tutorials are available on our cyberhelp site:

SESYNC Account Information

Your SESYNC username and password is used to all services offered at sesync, including email, wireless networking and any web portals

SESYNC Resources & Policies

Space Use

Computing Resources

Networking and VPN

SESYNC provides network services for both our onsite researchers and conference guests. Please note that SESYNC staff should connect to the sesync-private wireless network in order to see printers and file shares. Our guest network is heavily firewalled and cannot directly connect to SESYNC services unless you use a VPN connection. .

If you’re offsite and need to connect to file shares, databases or other internal resources, you will need to open a VPN connection. Web-based services (,, shiny, etc) do not require a VPN connection.

Wireless networking


Wireless projecting in conference rooms


SESYNC provides a number of printers around the center including a large multi-function copier/scanner/printer. If you notice a printer is out of paper, please refill it using the paper sitting in the front of the center by the fax machine.

Phones, VoiceMail and Conferencing

SESYNC Supports three types of conferencing, Skype for Business (formerly Lync) tele/video Conferencing, Skype, and Adobe Connect for webinars. Using Skype for Business, SESYNC provides desktop phone service and internal instant messaging services. All SESYNC supported desktops and laptops have Skype for Business installed, and provides copies for individual use. The Android Play store and Apple store also provide Skype for Business clients free of charge for tablets and phones.

Skype for Business is used for a majority of our video conferencing and is available to use from your desktop or from any of our conference rooms. You can schedule easily schedule a Skype for Business conference from your outlook calendar. Skype for Business supports both dial-in phone conferencing and video conferencing via a web client. From your desktop or conference room, you’ll use the same software regardless of how your attendees are connecting.

SESYNC IT staff has headsets and webcams that are available for use.

Phones and Voicemail


Lecture Streaming

E-mail and Calendaring

SESYNC uses Office365 and Exchange online for all email boxes and center-wide calendaring. You are able to use your personal devices to check mail, while most should auto-detect based on your email address, you may need to provide out mail server ( if prompted. We maintain a number of internal mailing lists and offer mailing list services for groups. The following links explain how to check your mail, subscribe to calendars, mailing list policies and a list of internal mailing lists.


How to Disable Office365 Add-ins

In the Outlook webapp:

  • Select the gear (on the top right) > Select Mail> Select General (on the left, above Mail) > Manage Add-ins
    • Uncheck all the add-ins that you do not want to be active.


Share a Calendar:

How to share a personal Calendar in outlook on Windows 7
How to share a personal Calendar in outlook on OSX

Add Shared Calendar:

How to add a shared Calendar in outlook on Windows 7
How to add a shared Calendar in outlook on OSX

File Shares

SESYNC provides several types of storage:

  • an administrative file share (
  • A large pool of research storage. (
  • Document storage: O365 (

The administrative or SESYNC share primarily contains copies of policies, administrative data for groups and ppt/poster templates. Official copies of all SESYNC policies and templates are available in the ‘Center-Wide Documents, Policies, and Templates’ folder on the share.

Access the SESYNC share

Sharing files with external collaborators

Accessing your research storage

Documentation is available on our cyberhelp page:

Using Office 365

you can access your office365 file and email space by going to

Group Sites

Group sites are the recommended replacement for collab sites. They give you a shared discussion board, calendar and document share. You’re able to create groups sites on your own or by emailing sesync’s IT Staff

Druva Backup System

All laptops and desktops are backed up nightly using a service called Druva. We automatically install this on all SESYNC supported laptops and desktops, in addition, we also provide clients for your personal machines that are used for SESYNC work. We strongly encourage you to install the client on your personal machines if you have anything SESYNC-related that you care about.

Setup Druva

Restore files using Druva Restore


File uploading and insertion

UMD Resources

Useful links to resources at the University of Maryland: