1. List of Printers and Locations

## ALL PRINTERS are capable of Duplex Printing

  • Open Space Printer - Main Open Space
  • SESYNC Annex - Back office space
  • Xerox Copier - Fax Room next to Server room, also has Copy functions.
  • Business Office - Business Office
  • Color Printer - Front Reception Area

  • NOTE: Please see the IT Staff for access to a Color Printer

  1. How to Add a Printer

## If you are a guest Researcher utilizing the sesync-fellow WiFi network, see the Research Printing Instructions

Open the Start menu and type in the search bar: hit Enter

  • Select the printer you would like to connect to and either:
    • Double click the printer
    • Right-click and select Connect…
  • ​If the printer is password-protected you will be prompted to enter credentials to finish connection

Step2.png (59.5 KB) Bill Schenk, 10/28/2016 03:13 PM

Step1.png (14.1 KB) Bill Schenk, 10/28/2016 03:14 PM