1. Spam Filters

SESYNC makes use of spam filters provided by UMIACS which keep our mail largely free of junk. These filters are turned on by default and send out a daily email showing what’s been caught for that day. Please dont ignore this The filters are not perfect and there are occasional false positives. If someone says they sent you and email that you didn’t receive. Check these spam filters in addition to your deleted items.

  1. Cleaning your spam.

The spam filters send out a daily reminder between 3pm and 4pm that shows a summary of what’s been caught over the past day and shows how much mail is in there.

  1. Help! I don’t see mail someone sent.

There’s a chance their mail may have gotten caught in the spam filters. If this is the case you can quickly get to your spam quarantine by using the daily email. If you lost the email, or its expires, you can point your web browser to entering your e-mail address in the Username field and clicking Create New Password

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