1. Shared Space Etiquette

As you may have noticed, SESYNC does not have a full time cleaning crew to polish our conference rooms nightly. This means that if you use a room, it will be in the same condition the next day as you left it.

End of Day

  • Turn off all TV’s and projectors
  • Please place all cups and dishes in the dishwasher

When you’re finished

If you’re running a meeting, please take care to leave any conference room in the same state you found it.

  • Turn off all TV’s and projectors
  • Remove all meeting materials including paper and large post-IT notes you may have used from the room.
  • Use the whiteboard cleaner and paper towels/rag to clean all whiteboards.
  • Check for and remove any debris from the table and floor.

Whiteboards aren’t long term storage

Please be considerate and remember that the whiteboards in the open space and conference rooms are a shared resource. Please don’t write ‘DO NOT ERASE’, ‘SAVE’ or otherwise claim a whiteboard for personal/project use unless you’re part of an event occurring at the center. If you need to save work, smart-phone cameras do a wonderful job, and there’s an app called ‘Office Lense’ that will automatically crop and adjust photos of whiteboards.