SESYNC uses Microsoft Skype For Business, formally known as Lync for all video and audio conferencing. All of our conference rooms can be equipped with cameras and microphones. The Auxiliary conference room at SESYNC is permanently configured to support video conferencing.

  1. Scheduling Tele/Video Conference Calls

### Conference Rooms

## Scheduling a Call

  1. Determine if you will need a meeting room or will be using your office for the call.
  2. Create an Outlook meeting for your call.

### Schedule a Skype Conference call in Outlook

  • Open your Calendar in Outlook
  • Select New Skype Meeting from top Toolbar

  • Enter E-mail addresses of People to invite and send the E-mail. The conference line and the Conference ID are automatically added to the Body of the E-mail.
    • Important If you are using a conference room other than your office, remember to invite the room to your meeting
    • You can also just forward this information to anyone you wish to invite in other means.

### Adjust the Meeting Permissions to allow anyone to join and present in Skype Calls

* ClickMeeting Options* to open a new window with Skype for business permissions

* Set “These people don’t have to wait in the lobby:” and “Who’s a presenter?” toAnyone (no restrictions)*

* ClickRemember Settings* at bottom of screen to set the changes as defaults

If you are joining the meeting from your office, or a conference room that you invited, you will see an invite on both the phone and through outlook. You can join the conference by clicking on this reminder. If you’re using another phone, call the 1-855 line from any Skype/Lync Phone at SESYNC using the Conference number and Conf ID.

NOTE The conference Line is ALWAYS 1-855-454-3943

## Joining the call from a conference room.

  • If you invited a conference room do your meeting, please do the following:
    • Turn on the monitor and PC in the room
    • Using the skype/lync client, select the calendar icon and open the meeting.
    • Your meeting will start. In order to start video, click the camera icon at the bottom of the Skype/Lync meeting window
  • If you did not invite the conference room before your meeting, please use the conference phone to dial (1-855-454-3943) and enter the conference code for your meeting

## Joining the call from your desktop/laptop or sesync phone.

  • As your meeting approaches, Outlook should display a meeting reminder in the lower right of your screen. You can open the reminder and click join meeting to start the call. This meeting invitation is also available on your calendar.
  • From any SESYNC phone, you can dial the meeting number (1-855-454-3943) and enter the conference code for your meeting.
  • Use the calendar icon in Skype/Lync and open the meeting (see above)

## Navigating your meeting.

Please see the attached instructions describing how do navigate your meeting.

attachment:“Skype Instructions - local.pdf”

## How your remote peers join

  • When you schedule your meeting, add your peers to the invite list, or optionally cut/paste the meeting invite in an e-mail to them.
    • Then can either use the 1-855 dial in number or connect via the online meeting
    • In order to connect using video, they will need to follow the instructions here: attachment:“Skype App Remote Instructions.pdf”
  • SESYNC IT Staff will gladly walk your remote participant through a meeting, please let us know 5 days in advance.

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