1. Exit Procedures for Departing Researchers and Postdocs

## Exit Interview

SESYNC’s CI staff will schedule an interview with all researchers one month prior to their departure in order to ensure a smooth transition of CI resources from SESYNC to that researcher.

During this interview we will cover:

  • The items listed in the disposition of IT resources
  • Discuss the disposition of any data and resources allocated at SESYNC.
    ** This will cover any timeline for project completion after a researcher’s departure.
    Discuss how to preserve and provide open access to any code and data created while at SESYNC. Please see SESYNC’s data policy for what type of openness is expected.

## Disposition of IT resources


  • All SESYNC issued resources (laptops, headsets, phones, etc) must be returned to SESYNC IT staff prior to their last day onsite.
  • SESYNC IT staff will grab an archive of the user directory of the SESYNC issued researcher laptops or desktops and preserve the archive for one year after the employees last day.

*Research Resources*

  • Based on discussions during the exit interview SESYNC staff may maintain any allocated resources (collab, vm’s, data directories) for up to one year after departure.
    • If the researcher is part of an ongoing project, any project related resources will be maintained for the life of the project.
    • It is the researcher’s responsibility to ensure they have copies of any data directories and/or databases. How to accomplish this handoff will be discussed during the exit interview and SESYNC IT staff will assist as required.
  • Lync, printer, backup service, VPN, and any other access to internal sesync resources will be discontinued upon departure of the researcher.
    • New backups will be disabled upon departure, however data will remain for 30 days as per SESYNC’s backup policy.


  • Researchers will be able to access their SESYNC Email Active for one month after departure w/o forward. During this time, researchers should copy any email they wish to preserve off of sesync servers.

  • Please note, any if you are working under an IRB from UMD, it does NOT follow you to your new institution after you leave. You will need to acquire a new IRB if you need to continue work.