1. How to quickly share a file with a SESYNC colleague

If you need a place to collaborate with collegues, please see the IT staff so we can create an appropriate directory for your collaboration

Please navigate to the Main SESYNC share under staff-public

Staff-public is for transitory and public files only.

Please use for a quick place to exchange files between SESYNC personnel and for hosting various public documents.

File-exchange sub-folder

  • Should be used as a quick place to exchange files with SESYNC users
  • Please do not use File-exchange as a permanent place for files
  • This folder will be purged of any files older than 60 days automatically.

Public Documents sub-folder

  • Put documents available for public viewing in this folder
  • This is read-only except for a few people. If you need documents here and don’t have access, talk to IT Staff
  • Documents in Public Documents should be copies of files/folders and should be edited and live permanently somewhere else more appropriate