1. Proposal and Application Archiving

Jess takes care of archiving all proposals and applications, below are her instructions on the process:

There will be two spaces for managing applications and SESYNC files/RfPs/announcements, etc. (which already mirror much of what I have already been doing; it will just be more accessible): 1. a Research collaboration site and 2. a SESYNC Archive shared drive.

  • SESYNC ARCHIVE (shared drive): There will be a new SESYNC shared drive called “SESYNC Archive.” I will store all SESYNC applications and associated files, in addition to and RfPs and announcements, here. You will all have access to this shared drive, but I will manage the up-keep and archiving system itself. I will send another email out once I have completed the update and the archive is accessible.
  • RESEARCH COLLAB SITE: Funded projects that are “active/in-progress” and any related documentation and correspondence will be stored in a SESYNC Collaboration Site called “Research”. All documents formerly stored in the “Funded Projects” folder within the shared Research drive have been moved here. You are welcome to use this site and save any documents/spreadsheets/correspondence within each sub-site found at the top of the page (Themes, Ventures, Workshops, Fellowships, Foundations, Short Courses) and within associated project folders.

Once a project is “complete” (i.e., a team has completed all meetings and submitted a final report), I will move all documentation from the Research Collaboration site into the SESYNC Archive. I am still in the process of moving folders from the collab site to the archive.

  • One caveat regarding “Research Products”: This subsite should only be edited by me and Kelly (thank you for your understanding). If you know of a research product, publish something yourself, or receive an update from a PI or participant, please send documentation either via the SESYNC website form or an email directly to me and I will file it accordingly.
  • On the front page of the Research Collab Site, I have saved several tracking spreadsheets which include tracking numbers and funded group progress which you are welcome to look through (but please do not edit these; if you see something out of place or would like something added, just send me an email).

In order to keep track of all applications, I would greatly appreciate the following help: If you are in charge of collecting and reviewing applications for a program other than Themes, Workshops, and Ventures (i.e., one that I do not already manage, such as Short Courses), I will need the following after the RfP deadline and once a decision on funding has been made:

  • Copy of original RfP (short and long versions)
  • Copies of all applications
  • Number/date breakdown of application process
  • Date RfP launched
  • RfP Deadline
  • number total applicants (and # of applicants reviewed in case this differs, i.e. due to triage)
  • Names and # of funded applicants
  • Any reviews that take place outside of the purview of the SRC