1. Power Outage Information


## What happens at SESYNC?

Anyone sitting at a desktop or using our video conference rigs may have noticed a box labeled APC that appeared at your desk and on our video conferencing stations. These are backup batteries that will prevent your computer from turning off in the event of a short (5 minutes or less) power outage giving you enough time to save what you’re doing and turn off your computer. The conference carts are on power to prevent disruption to any meeting with remote participants. Here are answers to a few questions people may have:

What happens to my Desktop or laptop when the power goes out?

  • For Desktop Users: Your Desktop PC/Mac has a backup battery attached. This will start making loud noises reminding you that you’re running on battery power. The battery will continue to power your computer and monitor for a few minutes. Please save your work and prepare to shutdown if the power remains off longer than 10 minutes.
  • For Laptop Users: You can use your laptop normally, however will likely have to disconnect it from your monitor which won’t have power.

What happens at SESYNC to phones, network and other services when the power goes off?

  • SESYNC has larger batteries installed in its server room to provide a short amount of power in the event of an outage. We’ve configured our servers to turn off in an orderly manner in order to preserve core network functions and ensure there is enough ambient cool air in the room to prevent overheating.
  • All research computing will automatically turn off 5 minutes after power loss.
  • All core print and file services will continue to run for 20 minutes after power loss.
  • Wireless networking and phones will power off when their batteries are exhausted (~45m after loss of power)

What about our website and email?

  • Our Website and Skype for Business servers are hosted at UMIACS and will continue to function even if we lose power to Park Place.

Are Projectors and Printers and other accessories on batteries?

  • No.

## What happens if UMD loses power?

  • SESYNC runs core phone and website services out of College Park. If UMCP loses power, all core services will cease to become available.
    • File shares and printing will remain available.
  • Phones will not work as Skype for Business relies on servers housed at UMD.
  • Outbound internet may be temporarily rerouted to allow during a UMD event.
    • We are able to manually switch to a backup internet connection. This will ONLY occur if IT staff is onsite. Outside business hours, SESYNC will have no external connectivity.
  • Any research services housed at SESYNC will be unavailable outside of SESYNC.

## Emergency Phone

An emergency phone is attached to the fax machine in the front and will function in the event of an extended total power loss.

## What happens to the rest of the building?

  • Park Place/CBRE will have someone on site at the building monitoring all building operations. In the event of a power outage, the emergency contact(s) whose information was provided to us from your office will be notified by phone when the power goes out and again when it is restored. PLEASE keep in mind that while the building has an Emergency Generator, it only supplies power to the following critical building functions in the event of an outage:
  • 1 building elevator
  • Emergency lighting throughout the building
  • It is strongly recommended that if you are notified that the power is out, that you do not come to the building.