Install SESYNC Printers on OSX

Before starting please download the latest print drivers here if you have not done so already

List of SESYNC Printers:

  • Business​​​ Office @
    • Located in the Business Office
  • Print Room @
    • Located in the Back Print Room next to IT Staff Office
  • Open Space @
    • Located in the Main Open Area
  • Xerox Copier @
    • Located in the front Fax and Copier Room
  • Color Printer @
    • Located at Front Desk

Please see the IT Staff for access to a Color Printer

Connect to a printer using OSX

  • Open System Preferences in OSX
  • Select Print & Scan
  • Select the +
  • Select Add other Printer or Scanner

  • Select the Printer from the Bonjour Shared printers listed under the Default Tab

  • Make sure the printer has @ as part of the name

step1.png (162 KB) Bill Schenk, 02/19/2014 01:00 PM

step2.png (117 KB) Bill Schenk, 02/19/2014 01:03 PM