1. Scheduling a Lync Conference on OSX

Before you begin, please make Sure you are signed into Skype for Business on your OSX Machine

  1. Create a new meeting.
  • Open Outlook and go to the Calendaring Tab
  • Right-click the Meeting Date and select New Meeting

  • Click Online Meeting Icon at the top -> Add Online Meeting
    • A Skype for Business Meeting should now be created in the Message of the Meeting

  1. Set Meeting Permissions
  • Adjust the Access Levels to allow anyone to join
    • Click Online Meeting -> Set Access Levels
    • Set to Everyone under Access Tab
    • Check Remember Settings at bottom of screen

* Set toEveryone (no restrictions)* under Presenter Tab

*** Click OK


  1. Add your participants

** Now add the remote participant’s E-mail addresses and send the Meeting Invite.

* If you are using a SESYNC conference room please invite the conference room

* To start the meeting on a conference PC:

** Open Skype for Business

* Click Calendar tab and Double-click meeting

  1. Starting your meeting
  • Once the meeting is ready to start, open the created meeting in outlook and double-click Join Online Meeting

## Current Conference Room accounts:

Green Conference :

Blue Conference :

Fishbowl Conference :

Cave Conference :

Narnia Conference :

Conference room next to Cave :

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