Managing Adobe Connect Meetings

All SESYNC conference rooms are capable of hosting Adobe Connect meetings. In order to make your meeting as successful as possible, the IT staff requires that any remote parties who will be doing more than just observing/listening in must schedule a test of their headset and camera prior to the meeting.

Scheduling your meeting

  1. Five business days before your meeting (or earlier if possible) send a list of remote participants to
  2. The IT Staff will schedule a room, coordinate testing and let you know of any problems your remote participants may have. Your remote guests will have been given complete instructions and will have been walked through using Adobe Connect during their testing.
  3. The day of your conference, arrive 5-10 minutes early and IT staff will help you load your presentation and connect any shared resources to Adobe Connect.
  4. During your meeting, please make sure that you do not obstruct the on-table microphones w/ paper, laptops, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I connect my laptop to the Adobe Connect meeting room to share documents or chat with Individuals?

    • Yes. Each SESYNC Conference room has a dedicated Adobe Connect room that you can connect to. These are listed in the attached instructions. When connecting, please make sure your computer speakers are muted in order to prevent feedback.
  2. Do I need to share my microphone or webcam?

    • No. The conference PC in the room is already sharing microphones and its webcam for remote participants.
  3. Where are the microphones?

    • Microphones are placed every other seat and are tuned to pick up all conversation in the room. There is no need to speak louder or shout at remote participants.
  4. How do I share a screen or presentation with remote participants?

    • Please see the attached instructions
  5. What do I do if a remote person is having problems?

    • IT Staff monitors all Adobe Connect meetings and will watch for remote participants and any problems they may have.
    • If possible, please have Lync open and online so that IT Staff can update you if necessary.

Adobe Connect In-Room Participant Instructions.pdf (369 KB) Anonymous, 04/02/2013 03:15 PM