1. Mailing Lists

SESYNC Uses the Sympa mailing list system to manage mailing lists at SESYNC. This mailing list system gives each mailing list its own e-mail address (

## Requesting a Mailing List

Please send e-mail to and provide the following information:

  • Name of list (
  • List type: discussion (all can post) or announcement (only moderator can post)
  • Subscription Policy: Open (anyone may join) or Closed (subscription requests must be approved)
  • Archiving: (yes/no) Should posts to the list be preserved

## Managing your Mailing List

All mailing lists may be managed online at:

After logging in to the mailing list system, you will see a list of all mail lists you manage or are subscribed to on the left-hand side. Click the blue ‘admin’ button next to the mailing list you wish to manage.

### Managing subscribers

  • Click ‘admin’ next to the list you wish to manage.
  • Click the ‘Manage Subscribers’ tab.
  • You may add or remove users from this tab.

## Subscription Policy

In order to keep SESYNC’s email services in good standing, the following policy dictates how mailing list subscribers are managed. All mailing lists hosted at SESYNC are subject to the following subscription policies:

Research Group Mailing Lists

Members for research groups will automatically be subscribed to any lists pertinent to their project at SESYNC. This includes group discussion lists and lists regarding announcements of outages affecting their groups computing resources. Please note members of research groups will NOT automatically be subscribed to SESYNC announcement mailing lists unless they indicate a willingness to receive e-mail as described below.

**Broad Announcement Mailing Lists *

Subscription to SESYNC announcement lists will be opt-in only. This is to restrict our mailings to only interested parties and prevent sesync mailing lists from automatically being filtered as spam by large e-mail providers .

**Subscribers may be added to a list ONLY if they meet one or more of the requirements listed below:*

  • Individual signs up to receive announcements on
  • Individual indicates on any SESYNC form or via the website they wish to receive announcements ( demographic survey, travel request, conference registration, etc)
  • Individual explicitly asks to be added to the mailing list.
  • The address is a general purpose e-mail address designed to receive such mailings.

Examples of unacceptable sources of e-mail addresses include

  • Personal address books (unless college indicated interest in subscribing)
  • Conference attendee lists.

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