International Travel and Technology

When traveling abroad, any physical material or technical data in your possession is considered by U.S. regulations to have been “exported” from the U.S. to your intermediate and final destinations. For this reason, it is important to understand whether there are any restrictions against exporting the material or data in your possession. These “exported” materials include University equipment, such as your SESYNC laptops. So for those of you traveling internationally, here are the guidelines:

  • If it’s personal travel, leave your SESYNC laptop in the office or at home.
  • If you will be conducting University business, and this must be done using your SESYNC laptop, there are several things to consider and be aware of:

* Items must remain under “effective control” of the traveler at all times which is defined as: “Retaining physical possession of items or keeping it secured in a place such as a hotel safe, a bonded warehouse, or a locked or guarded exhibition facility.”

* You will need to fill in the highlighted areas of the attached letter, print it, and sign it. This should be done and turned into Will with your travel request. You will need to keep a copy with you while on travel. There is no need to volunteer the letter unless a Customs official has questions about the equipment. The letter will not prevent searches or possible seizures; however, it may demonstrate that the traveler is familiar with the regulations and responsible for the equipment that they are carrying. We will file a copy of the letter with the University’s Export Compliance Office prior to your travel in the event there are problems with Customs. This will make it easier for the University to intervene should there be an issue.

* If traveling to Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, or Sudan, the letter will not suffice and other measures will need to be taken. Please see Liz well in advance of your travel.

* This should not be an issue for any of you, but travelers cannot possess “controlled technical data,” which is defined as “data required for the design, fabrication, operation, or maintenance of military or dual-use technology, and, not in the public domain or otherwise exempt from licensing requirements.”

* For any other equipment (other than laptops, smart phones, tablets, other storage devices) that may need to travel with you, a special license may be required, please see Liz for concerns.

  • Bottom line – if you absolutely don’t need to take it, please don’t.
  • For those of you with approved international travel already in the works, please complete the letter and turn it into the business office at your earliest convenience.
  • If you have problems locating the serial number/inventory tag number on your machine, please see a member of the IT staff for assistance.
  • Be cautious, don’t store anything on your machines you wouldn’t want others to get a hold of. Delete all stored passwords, personal information, avoid unsecure networks, etc.
  • If your machine gets confiscated, damaged, or lost, please let IT and Liz know right away. The same goes for damage and or losses while here, home, or traveling within the U.S.

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