Internal mail list and SESYNC addresses

All list addresses are ` unless otherwise noted.

Mail Lists

These lists are available to folks from their SESYNC email address and not available outside of SESYNC. This means that if you forward your email offsite (eg, gmail, etc) you'll need to connect in to your sesync mailbox to send to these.

  • centerstaff
    • All onsite sesync staff (business office,IT, and other full time employees)
  • postdocs
    • All Postdocs
  • students -at-
    • GRA's an d interns (note the `
  • sesyncstaff
    • All center staff, postdocs, plus directors
    • Use this list to send stuff that is applicable to folks that are here on a daily basis
  • sesyncusers
    • All sesync staff, directors, postdocs, GRA’s and associated research fellows and visitors
    • This list is restricted and used to for broad announcements (outage, policy, new programs, weekly news letters, etc)

Other Addresses

These are available for anybody (internal and external) to send e-mail to, though only SESYNC staff should be sending items to orders and webupdates

  • cyberhelp
    • All tech support and cyberinfrastructure requests, problems, needs, etc
  • travel
    • Any travel inquiries, both for internal and external folks
  • scheduling
    • Requests to schedule a meeting room
  • webupdates
    • Any requests to change or add content to the website
  • orders
    • Any requests to order products, office supplies.
    • If your request is IT related, please send it to cyberhelp
  • info
    • Any external requests for information about sesync programs.
    • list is answered by Jess
  • research
    • Research inquiries