1. How to Request Lecture Streaming

SESYNC’s able to live stream lectures from a number of places in the center with a few restrictions on how interactive you’d like the session to be. Depending on the location, this can either be a standard video conference or a Youtube livestream. While we’re able to provide the technology to manage this, except in special circumstances we are not able to provide staffing time to operate and publicize a streamed conference. If you’d like an event streamed, you’ll need to provide a video operator and coordinate approval and inviting remote folks.

## Skype Streaming

For any blue room presentation, we can easily setup a Skype For Business call which will allow your remote participants to see your presentation and provide feedback during your presentation.

  • Let IT Staff know 5 days in advance so they can create a meeting invite and test the participant
  • You must use the in-room laptop for any presentation so that slide-sharing works properly.
  • As this is just a video conference, participants will be able to talk back to the speaker.
  • Since this will use the existing video conference capabilities in the room, you do not need to supply personnel to staff the equipment.
  • The camera angle will be from the corner cart, you may use the remote to aim and zoom the camera before the presentation starts.
  • Audio will be provided by the installed ceiling microphones, so remote participants will be able to hear any audience questions.

## YouTube Streaming

SESYNC is able to provide a YouTube stream of any event hosted in the blue room or open space. Its the only option available for open space seminars. Unless you’re the one presenting, you’ll need to provider a video operator (yourself or a friend) who will manage the stream during the event. For multi-day seminars such as immersion, please note that its not feasible to move streaming from one room to another (ie, blue to open space) so you will need to pick one space to use for streaming.


  • The stream is one-way, remote participants cannot provide real-time feedback, ask questions or be seen during the stream.
  • You must provide a video operator (probably yourself) who will start/stop the stream, and actively switch content between the camera(s) and presented content.
    • Postdocs: SESYNC IT staff will provide staffing in the event you are the one who is presenting (ie, for your remote mentor, etc).
    • The video operator should arrive half an hour prior to the start of the event so that IT can show you/them how to operate the streaming equipment.
  • If you are not the presenter, you must get approval to broadcast from the presenter prior to requesting remote streaming. While we can make the talks ‘hidden’ on youtube, we have no way of restricting who can watch the link.
  • Please contact IT staff 5 days prior to the event to setup the stream and discuss the operations of the video stream.
  • If you’re streaming multiple sessions, each session will have its own youtube link.

Audio and Video

  • The video stream may be either hidden (only folks w/ the link can find it) or public and will show up in search results.
  • Presenters may use their own laptop or the one we supply.
  • In the open space, the presenter must wear a microphone and will be the only audio transmitted.
    ** Due to our setup, audience audio or questions will not be picked up. You should plan on stopping the stream prior to a Q&A session or have the speaker repeat audience questions.
    In the Blue Room we can either use the hanging microphones, or if the video operator is comfortable we can provide a wireless mic for the speaker and the video operator can switch between audience and speaker audio.
  • Up to two cameras can be setup for streaming.
    ** We recommend that one be set to a wide shot and the other near the cart on a zoomed in shot.
    * Alternatively they can just be locked shows and the operator will have to switch between as appropriate.

What you need to do

  • Provide someone to operate the video cart and make sure they’re available for training.
  • 5 days in advance send an email to SESYNC IT with the times, and titles of what will be streamed.
  • If applicable, handle all advertising of the stream and posting of the stream to SESYNC’s website (talk to our comms person).