1. Equipment Issuing

SESYNC has spec’d out a set of standard Desktop/Laptop offerings. All are designed to fit within a \$2,500 budget and full time employees can pick from one of the standard configurations. Each of these has some wiggle room for different keyboards, mice, etc. However the base offering has been standardized to provide the best possible experience while having a machine with a service plan. Incoming researchers get to choose from ONE of the following configurations:

  • Option 1: Windows Desktop computer with dual 24" monitors, 4 core processor, 8Gb memory, 256GB solid state drive.
  • Option 2: Windows Laptop, Dell, 8Gb 256GB SSD, 14“, docking station, dual 24” monitors
  • Option 3: 21.5" iMac, 8Gb memory, SSD, and an extra 24" dell monitor.
  • Option 4: Macbook pro, 13“, docking station, dual 24” monitors

## Notes

These specifications are all fairly middle of the road configuration good for most development, data browsing. Should your research need a high end workstation please talk to Bill Schenk, to discuss your needs. Our current infrastructure has been designed so that all processing can be done remotely on our virtual resources that are significantly more powerful than a laptop or desktop. These resources allow for larger computation that can run for days and reduces the risk of data loss.

Also note, if you want to bring in personal equipment, we will gladly provide network connectivity and a copy of our Druva software that can be used to backup SESYNC stuff stored on your personal laptop.

## Software

UMD and SESYNC provides access to a wide variety of office and research software including Matlab and ESRI packages. In addition, we are often able to purchase other software that you may need**. Please contact SESYNC’s IT staff if you have any questions on what’s supported

UMD also provides work-at-home licenses for common office and graphical products. Please see to download your copies.

** EndNote - please note, due to cost and the fact that you cannot take licenses with you when you leave SESYNC, we do not provide end note licenses.

  1. Policies

All issued equipment is subject to SESYNC and UMD policies. Please see the following two links for more information: