1. Excluding files from Druva backup.

Your personal laptop follows the same backup policy and any SESYNC supported machine. This means that anything in your home directory (c:username_) ends up on our backup system. While we don’t mind (and encourage backing up your research and documents, we'd prefer skip non-research related videos, music, and other personal data that you may have on your laptop.

Windows 7 Instructions

1. Open up the Druva inSync Software

  • Click the Druva icon in your icon tray )

2. Open up Preferences

  • Click the preferences button

3. Select Your Home Directory

  • Select the userprofile folder
  • Click ‘View/Edit’

4. Customize backup settings

  • Select the ‘Exclude Files’ tab
  • Select Audio and video files
  • Click Done, then Save when you are finished

5. Optional, Exclude specific directories

You can optionally exclude entire directories that you do not want backed up to SESYNC (ie, personal finance documents, etc)

  • From the folder perferences, click ‘Exclude Paths

    * Type the name of the directory relative to your home directory in the ’Partial Path:’ block

    • For example, if you wish to exclude “c:username_data”, you would just enter “personal data” in the block
  • Click ‘Add’, and you will see the directory listed on the left.

  • Click Don, then Save when you are finished

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