1. Checking your Voicemail

Your SESYNC Voicemail is handled using Microsoft Unified Messaging. This means that you have a number of options for checking your voicemail from your phone, computer, e-mail or from office.

Remotely checking your voicemail

You can dial into SESYNC from any phone to check your voicemail and e-mail.

  • Dial 410-919-4816
  • When prompted for your extension use the last four digits of your phone number. For example if your phone number is 410-919-4810 you would enter 4810.
  • Enter your voicemail pin and press #. If you never set your pin, or forgot it, please go to to reset your PIN.

Change Voicemail message

  • Dialin to Voicemail using above steps
  • Press 6 to change personal options
  • Follow the menu to change your greeting

From Outlook

Voice mail will appear as a message in Microsoft Outlook. When you open up a message, you will see an attempted transcription of the message, the calling number (if available), and a button to play your message.