1. Equipment Use Policy

All issues IT and telecom equipment is subject to the University of Maryland’s Acceptable Use Policies(AUP) available at:

## Prohibited Uses

Specifically, the AUP on IT resources prohibits the following activities on university resources and equipment: (Please see policy at for an authoritative list).

  • Altering system software or hardware configurations without authorization; disrupting or interfering with the delivery or administration of IT resources.
  • Attempting to access or accessing another’s accounts, private files, e-mail messages, or intercepting network communication without the owner’s permission except as appropriate to your job duties and in accordance with legitimate University purposes.
  • Misrepresenting oneself as another individual in electronic communication.
  • Installing, copying, distributing, or using digital content (including software, music, text, images, and video) in violation of copyright and/or software agreements or applicable federal and state law. X-1.00(A) page 2
  • Engaging in conduct that interferes with others’ use of shared IT resources.
  • Using University IT resources for commercial or profit-making purposes or to represent the interests of groups unaffiliated with the University or unassociated with the normal professional activities of faculty, staff or students without written authorization from the University.
  • Ignoring individual departmental or unit lab and system policies, procedures, and protocols.
  • Facilitating access to University IT resources by unauthorized users.
  • Exposing sensitive or confidential information or disclosing any electronic information that one does not have the authority to disclose.
  • Knowingly using IT resources for illegal activities. Criminal or illegal use may include obscenity, child pornography, threats, harassment, copyright infringement, University trademark infringement, defamation, theft, identity theft, and unauthorized access.

## Returning Equipment and Software

All laptops, accessories and purchased software licenses are property of SESYNC/University of Maryland and must be returned upon departure. For laptops and other hardware, we require that they be returned prior to your last full day in the office at SESYNC.

## Additional Restrictions

In addition to the AUP, any equipment issued is also subject to UMD travel and export policies. These are summarized at the link below: